Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Can I Win at Bingo Online?

Bingo isn't just for grandma on Sundays at the local church or recreation center. You can gamble online by playing bingo online on some very interface-friendly sites made with million-dollar gaming software that will keep you completely enthralled and entertained.

While most bingo games don't have enough complexity to try to count numbers or figure out ways to beat the game, there are still ways to play online Bingo and win.
  • Start with games where fewer people are playing. This is simply a game of odds. If there are fewer people, then you will more likely come up with BINGO before someone else does.
  • Play as many cards as you can at one time to try to win at BINGO. This is an obvious strategy. The more cards you have the more often your numbers are going to come up, and the more often you are likely to win. On some sites, you are forced to play the same number of cards as other players are playing at any one particular time, but many sites do not have this rule. This is, in essence, monopolizing a game in order to win it.
  • If you are mathematically minded, you can count numbers, much like master card players count cards in games like 21. There are 75 balls in a traditional bingo game and all numbers have an equal chance of coming up, so numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, 4 etc will come up randomly, without much chance of a particular number overly repeating itself You can use this as a way to determine what will come up next, but more importantly to stick to the game. Eventually, after all, your number has to come up, so make sure you don't bail out too early, especially if a game offers multiple winners on the same set of cards. This isn't really a great tactic if you have a difficult time with numbers and memorization, but you could also keep a tally on a small pad next to your computer to calculate which numbers have already been called most often.
  • Finally, you can use the Tippett theory - which states that the more BINGO numbers that are called, the more they will be close to the meridian number of 38 - so choose cards between 1 and 78 to exponentially increase your chance of winning.


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