Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Naked, Honest Truth About Sportsbook Reviews

Let me tell you a story of a popular search that many sports bettors make online. It happen a lot during the NFL season.

They open Google or another search engine and search for “sportsbook reviews” or some variant of that keyword phrase.

The search results list a plethora of websites claiming to have “independent” and “official” reviews of dozens of online sportsbooks.

While looking at the sportsbook reviews, bettors believe that they are receiving honest information when reading these reviews or a special sportsbook bonus when they open an account through the particular site that they found.

Unfortunately, that is typically the furthest from the truth.

Let me explain…

Honest Sportsbook Reviews

I have written dozens of “independent” sportsbook reviews.

I used to have a client that churned out site after site with their list of Top Sportsbooks.

These sites just pay writers to fill in a template about a sportsbooks. Most of the writers don’t even know the first thing about betting. It was like paint by number.

The template guided the writer to what information was needed. All the writer had to do was put a positive spin on things.

Why do they do this? Because they receive a commission for the players that they sign up.

I am not saying that being an affiliate of a sportsbook is bad. I can’t because I am an affiliate of the sportsbooks that I promote.

Using Reviews

You don't want to trust a review from a site that is simply churning out sites and hoping on the law of averages to get them a payday.

The best thing to do is fine a site that has build a true a relationship with the sportsbooks. like Odds On Betting. This site has a direct line to someone at the company to help you if you have any problems. Also, since they build a special relationship they are usually able to special bonuses and contest.

Check out Odds On Betting's reviews here: http://us.oddsonbetting.net/sportsbooks-review/.

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