Monday, July 16, 2012

2 NFL Stars Sign Big Contracts

Today was the last day for teams and players to sign franchise tag offers. As it usually happens, a couple of big names stars waited to almost the last minute to sign big deals and forgo a holdout.

Matt Forte

Matt Forte is the Chicago Bears is big-time threat out of the backfield but was sidelined after a late season injury. On December 4 Forte sprained his medial collateral ligament during a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. He subsequently sat out the remainder of the season and watched the Bears struggle down the stretch and miss the playoffs with an 8-8 record. 

Though Forte missed the end of the season, he was still selected to the Pro Bowl, the first of his career, after finishing the season with a total of 1,487 yards from scrimmage. Forte averaged 4.9 yards per carry and recorded 997 rushing yards before his season ending injury.

The report of the signing of a 4 year deal came hours before the 4:00 pm ET deadline. While the numbers haven't been announced, the deal is believed to be worth in the ballpark of $33 million with an average yearly payment of $8 million. 

Drew Brees

Dree Brees' contract negotiations has been the most talked about offseason event since Peyton Manning's free agent tour and signing. 

Brees broke Dan Marino's single season passing record of 5,987 yards last season and has lead since 2006 in both passing yards and touchdowns. 

Brees refused to sign again as a franchise players and had a ruling in his favor that signing it would count as his third such franchise designation if signed. That was big news because it would cost the New Orlean Saints even more money the following season and was an obvious deal maker.

With three days to spare, Brees signed a five year $100 million contract that provide an annual salary of $40 million. Sixty million of the total contract is guaranteed.  

Super Bowl Chances

The signings of these two players by their respective teams hasn't done much for the sportsbooks odds to win the Super Bowl. 

The New Orleans Saints, who were penalized for their bounty program, are still sit out +1200. The Chicago Bears, who have a new offense coordinator, are set at +3500 to raise the Lombardi Trophy.

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