Monday, March 11, 2013

WagerWeb Sportsbook: Come for Bonuses, Stay for Stability

For years sportsbooks would boost their images by claiming the most players. While they still attempt to lure players to their doors, the sportsbooks have had to change their thinking on how to do so or risk the same type of disruptive service in recent years.

Online bettors don’t want to go those times again either. Many players placed bets only to return to the site to find their favorite sportsbook closed – some for several days while others closed down for good or moved to less unstable countries.

Not only did the sportsbooks go thru major changes but many sports betters started to rethink what to look for when it came to picking a sportsbook.

Just a Sportsbook?

To their customers WagerWeb is more than just a sportsbook.  While they offer sport wagering, a casino and a racebook as well as the all new popular mobile betting, WagerWeb also offers those main features today’s players are looking for:

  1. Reliability
  2. Ease in depositing & withdrawing Funds
  3. Bonus Offers
  4. Stability
Click here for a full WagerWeb Review. This sportsbooks review including a special bonus offer.


Since those chaotic days many online sportsbooks have had to lower their bonus promotions to clients. Some even lowering their deposit bonuses as low as 10 to 20%.

While WagerWeb is more concerned with it’s stable, customer service orientated atmosphere, they still offer great sportsbook promotions totally over 150%* in many areas. They offer signing bonuses, reload bonuses, casino and racebook bonuses, as well as referral and mobile betting incentives.

Funding & Withdrawing

WagerWeb is known for their great customer service areas. They have a staff on call via phone, email or live chat 24/7. They are there to help with any questions or concerns a customer might have.

Being able to fund an account is no longer as easy as it was in the past. At WagerWeb the staff is there to assist you in the best option for you, pending your location. WagerWeb has numerous deposit methods to choose from that are easy to use and allow immediate funding.

Another important area to online players is access to their winnings. Many sportsbooks have cut expenses in this area and done away with free withdrawals or express payments. However, WagerWeb knows this is one area that they excel in. WagerWeb still offers express delivery of payouts as well at least once a month free withdrawals.


When the online gambler goes to place a bet, they not only want the site to be up and running, they want to know it’s going to be that way 99% of the time. All online bettors know there will be occasional downtimes. No website can boast of never experiencing brief downtimes.

Today’s player is looking for stability in their online sportsbook. Many remember the first week of the NFL season in 2011 when numerous online sportsbooks were hit with DoS Attacks (Denial of Service Attacks). During that time bettors could no longer log into their books to place a wager.  That left many disgruntled players searching for a place to place their wagers.

Many found WagerWeb not only open for business but more than glad to welcome people and take their wagers. Many bettors who experienced WagerWeb during that troubled time are still placing wagers there. Why? Because they found WagerWeb to be a very stable site with very few downtimes – just what players were now searching for.